CHICAGO – January 30, 2023 – CADDi Inc., a global supply chain company committed to transforming the manufacturing industry, announced that it has established an office in Chicago, Illinois.

Since CADDi’s founding, the company’s mission has continually been to “unleash the potential of manufacturing”, one of the largest industries in the world. CADDi aims to leverage a new system with resources and data at its core to transform the supply chain. CADDi’s value proposition is to aid the manufacturing industry through standardization, centralization and digitalization.

As a one-stop service for procurement and manufacturing, “CADDi Manufacturing” aims to solve structural issues within the entire value chain through the use of original technologies to optimize for quality, cost and delivery, while keeping up with fluctuations in demand. CADDi is able to provide customers with a framework with which to optimize their supply chain, being involved from manufacturing to inspection and final delivery. For corporations engaged in mid-volume or high-mix low-volume production, CADDi can leverage its supply chain infrastructure to provide sheet metal and machined parts, along with frames and tanks, as well as plastics and wire harnesses.

“When I spoke with our customers at their factories,” said Yushiro Kato, CEO of CADDi, “what stood out to me was their strong sense of urgency to modernize their supply chain. That’s why I felt that we needed to move quickly and expand our business. We’re going to take on the challenge of unleashing the potential of our customers, partners, employees, along with all companies and individuals involved in manufacturing.”

In the next few years, CADDi aims to become a market leader to better serve customers. The company has begun full-scale hiring with the goal of creating a 100-person office within fiscal 2023.


CADDi Co., Ltd.

Location: Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A.

Established: January 26, 2023

Representative: Yushiro Kato

Business: Supply of metal materials and machined parts


About CADDi (

CADDi is a global supply chain company on a mission to “unleash the potential of manufacturing”. The company strives to transform the manufacturing industry through its primary offering “CADDi Manufacturing”, a one-stop service for procurement and manufacturing that utilizes original technologies to optimize quality, cost, and delivery within its supply chain infrastructure. In mid-2022, CADDi launched “CADDi Drawer,” a cloud-based data utilization system to further digital transformation in the manufacturing industry. 


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